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More Notes
  • 120 ticks make up a quarternote. Everything else is defined relative to this value. Therefore an eighth note is 60 ticks and an eighth note triplet is 40 ticks. If you need a quarter-note division that doesn't fit into 120 ticks, you have the option of changing the "TimeBase" (or "Parts Per Quarter Note").
  • Volumes
  • Volumes are in the range 1-9. These correspond to the MIDI "Velocity" values of 10-127 in increments of 13.
    I figured going with 1-9 would simplify things and that anything below 10 was too low anyway.
  • Grace Notes
  • Grace Notes have a duration of 3 ticks.
    What this means as far as the MIDI file generated is concerned is that the beat before a flammed beat is actually shortened by 3 ticks (which is audibly undetectable) and then the grace note is inserted and then the next beat.
  • MIDI Note: If the absolute first note being generated is flammed then the beat/bar indicator,time signature and tempo changes will all be shifted forward 3 ticks. This could make it very difficult to import this file into another MIDI editing program. So, in general, use a non-flammed intro and everything else should be fine.


    If you have any problems email me (include the name of your soundcard with as much detail about it you can give)